Does a cat need a bottle cork?

Under entry Stało się. Mamy kolejnego mieszkańca.[It happened. We've got another resident. ÆrionÆteb asked the question "A po co mu ten korek? :P"[What use is this bottle cork for him?].

The questions seems important, so I'll try to answer it.

First answer:

1. A cat without the bottle cork. You can feel his claws. Now hidden, but ... .

2. Bottle cork arrives.

3. The difference. And the answer.

Second answer:
Ask not what the bottle cork is for a cat - ask what it is for you if your fingers' integrity is at stage.

Venice curiosities - part two

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And Now for Something Completely Different

Our new resident. He was found yesterday.

He was taken to a vet, some drugs were administered, he was fed and most fleas were removed.

He is constantly changing his colour from dirty gray to ... have a look yourself.


Venice curiosities - part one

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Few thumbnails:

My assistant

I've got an assistant.

Now, when I'm writing this, he sleeps under the blanket. There is a bulge where he is covered.
The bulge moves slowly by the rythm of his breathing. He is able to sleep 22 hours per day, every day.

Pictures of him:

He is called Melek.

I'm not sure anymore if I (we) owe him, or the opposite.

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Something new, a bit of an (almost) clear sky

It's gloomy and dark outside, the fog is rising. It's been raining for a week now. Autumn.

To make you feel better, of course http://places-to-visit.info/ and there...

More at " Lake Albano near Castel Gandolfo, Italy".


Giewont - The unmistakably recognizable summit in the Tatras, Poland

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